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About Earl Roberston

Let's make learning fun!

Earl Robertson is a children's book author in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature and member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. 


Earl loves reading and writing stories that keep children engaged and wondering what happens next. Earl tells and reads his fun stories for all to enjoy. Children particularly love the ADVENTURES with the WAFFLE WIFFERS. Be on the lookout for more adventures of the series with the Waffle Wiffers!

When he's not writing and reading children's books, Earl enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with his dog.

Would you like Earl to read at your school, homeschool, library, or bookstore in Calgary? Get in touch!

Earl Robertson, author of popular children's books adventures with the waffle wiffers, offering book readings for kids in calgary and online.


Children love Adventures with the Waffle Wiffers! These books are entertaining and educational for children aged 3-8. Available to order as paperbacks or kindle e-books. Enjoy the adventures!

Get the 3 book series!


Get all three children's books in the Waffle Wiffers series to catch up on all the adventures! Add our coloring book for kids for the complete Waffle Wiffers experience.

Young girl holding a phone watching Earl Robertson's reading videos for children online.

Let's Read Together


For free educational entertainment for kids, listen to Earl Roberston read popular children's books online! 


"This book was absolutely adorable, the characters were illustrated beautifully and the story was heartwarming.
There were a lot of little life lessons through the book that showed how to work together, share and be a helpful and happy community. Will definitely be getting extra copies for my grandkids. Two thumbs up!!"


"What a fantastic series! The adventures with the Waffle Wiffers is a joy from beginning to end that the whole family will enjoy. I also love the recipes provided in each book so that the family can interact with their very own waffle adventures at home! Highly recommend and look forward to what adventures come next!"


"What an enjoyable read for both the kids and parents! The message of overcoming differences and coming together as a community was great to share with the little ones. I definitely recommend this book to parents looking to add some more stories to the home library!!"


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